RealScan SDK

Software Development Kit for RealScan Series

RealScan SDK provides optimal development environment for quick and easy integration into any system.


Auto Capture

RealScan SDK's auto capture feature provides automated detection, position check, angle check and image quality check process in real time. It helps users to acquire fingerprint images with a pre-defined quality thereby enabling a seamless & faster live scanning process. RealScan SDK offers both callback method and using SDK functions.



RealScan SDK’s Automatic segmentation is designed to extract multiple fingerprint images from a single slap image. (two-finger & four-finger slaps) it also identifies extracted fingerprint images according to a pre-defined scanning sequence and provides a quality score of each segmented image according to NISTIR 7151 standard.


Sequence Check

Sequence check ensures image quality threshold and accurate allocation of extracted images to the 10-print set. It provides conformity to common

forensic-grade live scanning systems and ensures the integrity of the fingerprint images.

Halo Effect & Ghost

Image Elimination

Using Suprema’s advanced image processing algorithm, RealScan SDK effectively eliminates undesired halo effect* and residual ghost images, therefore it improves the integrity of captured images.

*Halo effect

The effect of condensation from placing warm, moist fingers on the platen.


Slippage & Blurred image Detection

RealScan SDK precisely detects & screens poor quality images and alerts the operator when the image blurs or slips.


* Blurred Image can be caused by excessive pressure on the finger when placing on the prism.

* Slippage occurs mostly during rolled fingerprint capturing.



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