Image SDK

Software Development Kit

Image SDK is a software development kit for authentication scanner application development. Unlike BioMini SDK that works with Suprema authentication scanners, Image SDK does not depend on a specific scanner hardware but works with general fingerprint images captured by different fingerprint sensor devices.



Image SDK Feature Highlights

  • World’s best performing fingerpint algorithm: Top results in NIST MINEX tests and FVC
  • FIPS 201 certified template extractor and matcher
  • NIST certified interoperable template and image format standards (ANSI 378 / ISO 19794-2 / ISO 19794-4)
  • Image Compression Standard (WSQ)
  • Fast Matching Speed : 100,000 match/sec (with Intel Core 2 Duo)
  • Multi-threaded code design fully utilizing multi-core CPU power
  • Multiple devices handling support
  • Supports fingerprint images captured by 3rd party Scanners
  • Supports different image resolution and quality
  • Supports multiple programming languages: Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, Java


  • Fingerprint algorithm library for PC Windows or Linux
  • Sample application program with source code in VC, BC, C# and VB.NET
  • Technical documents
  • HSM (USB dongle) license control



  • Enroll (Image to Template)
  • Verify (1:1)
  • Identify (1:N)
  • Get Enrollment Quality


PC/Network Security

Smartcard Application

Time and Attendance System

Public Application

Health and Medical







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